No twerking allowed! School Makes Students Sign Dance Contract

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Students won’t be dropping it like it’s hot at on Seattle area high school. Before students were allowed to go to River Ridge High School’s homecoming both they and their parents had to sign a dance contract.

The contract states that students will not bend at a 45 degree angle, twerk, lap dance, or otherwise “look like you’re having sex” on the dance floor during school-sanctioned events.

The contract outlines various examples of “inappropriate dancing,” as well as consequences that will incur following a student violation.

Punishments range from a warning to removal from a dance and ban on future dances. If a student is removed they will not be reimbursed for the cost of admission into the dance.

Students had mixed reactions to the contract.

“No, I was OK with it,” said River Ridge freshman Angel Allen. “I understood why and stuff.”

Senior Joley Manning says parents really don’t have to worry.

“We have teachers,” Manning said. “And you’re in your high school. You’re not going to be pulling a Miley Cyrus out there.”

Personally, I think this a stupid thing to make students do. How exactly do you suggest students dance? Why even bother having a dance? I personally would rather them twerk and bump and grind at the school dance, which is chaperoned, then ditch it and bump and grind in the bedroom.

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