AMC Not Adding Texting Row

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AMCMillions of busy-body, phone-addicted, movie-going texters had high hopes of AMC movie theaters developing a “texting only” row at their theaters, where they’d be allowed to text and tweet as much as their little heart’s desired, but like most things, it’s just too good to be true.

A newspaper out of the United Kingdom filed a report that AMC Theaters had been considering implementing a separate area for people who want to text during a movie. Well, we heard differently from AMC spokesperson Ryan Noonan who said:
“The story isn`t true. We will NOT disrupt our guests’ movie experience by allowing texting or installing ‘texting rows.’

You’ve probably heard about the uproar Modonna recently stirred up at the New York Film Festival, texting during Steve McQueen’s flick, “12 Years a Slave”. Her texting didn’t fly with the Alamo Drafthouse, the theater chain showing the movie, they banned her from the theaters until she apologizes to movie fans.

The harsh reality is that you’ll probably never be “allowed” to text durning a movie. If anything, the rules will get even more strict, not looser, so we’ll all just have to learn how to detach from our phones, like it or not.

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