Saudi Women Get Behind The Wheel To Protest Driving Laws

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SauidiWomenSaudi women are getting in gear. It’s no secret that Saudi Arabian laws say women aren’t allowed to drive.

‘It’s not about driving, it’s about control. To remind the woman that we are controlling you,’ said Buthaina Al-Nasr, a Saudi Journalist.

But now the women are taking control. A new movement called The October 26th Women’s Driving Campaign aims to revolutionize the road.

Women have already taken to the streets and posted video of themselves driving (and even getting support from fellow male road warriors.)

‘There is a group of ultraconservatives here who will try to do anything and everything to prevent women from exercising their rights, be it driving, going to school, working – many, many men that I know – we feel that it is crucial for us to support women who do this,’ saidauthor Abdullah Al-Alami, via Skype.

Though despite the support, the government doesn’t look like it’s going to budge anytime soon. That’s alright; no one said the road to equality was easy. But it’s a journey well worth taking.

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