Barneys, Macy’s, NYPD accused of racial profiling

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NEW YORK, NY – A petition is calling on Jay-Z to end all partnerships with Barneys, a store where his charitable fashion line is set to launch next month. The urge comes on the heels of two people’s allegations of racial profiling at the store.

“I had good intentions. I went bought my favorite bag. I wanted this bag. I deserved this bag. And then to find out you know I’m being accused of using someone else’s card – I just really felt demeaned,” said Kayla Phillips, an African American woman who was stopped by undercover officers after buying a $2500 bag.

19-year-old Trayon Christian was also stopped after buying a Ferragamo belt.

“The undercover cop from the left side that had regular clothes on, stopped me on the left side and asked me, ‘Oh I just got a call from Barney’s saying your card is not real,'” says Christian.

Many say those stories should be enough for Jay-Z to pull the plug on his deal with Barneys, the rapper says he wants to know all the information before making a move.

This isn’t the only case of alleged racist retailing in New York as of late.

Robert Brown, who plays on the HBO show Treme, says he was also subject to discrimination, at Macy’s. He says New York police officers didn’t even ask for ID when they arrested him after purchasing a $1000 watch.

All three are seeking damages.