Halloween masks hide even-scarier germs

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MESA, AZ – Halloween masks get scarier every year. You’ve got your standard Chucky, Freddy Krueger and Jason; but what might really give you goose bumps, or something worse, is what’s living on the inside of these masks.

You see, while shopping for that perfect Obama mask to really strike fear into the conservatives at your Halloween party, think about how many other people are trying those on before you.

Lab tests from one Mesa, AZ retailer came back with positively dreadful results.

Dr. Stan Kikkert of the MCC Bio-Tech program was quite surprised by the number of bacteria and the diversity of the bacteria, “One person after another after another wearing this probably adds to this and allows for the bacteria to actually cultivate so that might be part of the reason why we see such robust results.”

If a staph infection is the last trick you want to be treated for this Halloween, doctors suggest soaking the masks in rubbing alcohol before getting into character.

Stay safe, and healthy, this Halloween!