Houston gas prices continue to fall

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HOUSTON, TX – Good news Houstonians, your commute just got a little cheaper.

Gas prices in the Houston area have dropped nearly 5 cents in the last week.

“It makes me real happy,” says businessman Ronald Elder who was gassing up his work vehicle.

A gallon of gas is now back under 3 bucks according to Gas Buddy’s survey of more than 2,500 stations in H-Town. So if $2.99 still sounds too high, be glad you’re not paying the national average of $3.30 a gallon. Hopefully the cheaper trend will continue as we’re paying 31 cents less than a year ago and nearly 14 cents less than last month.

“I expected it to be high. I got used to it. Now, going down is a nice surprise,” says Done Reynders who was only paying $2.93 a gallon at the Raceway gas station in Missouri City.

Elder’s stopped there too when he saw the price, “I run three trucks so anytime I can save a dollar it’s great. This is a significant savings.”

There’s still a lot of places selling gas for over three bucks, but you can find it cheaper. So if you’re about to gas up; seek and ye shall find cheaper gas.