Julianne Hough apologizes for blackface Halloween costume

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Seems former Dancing with the Stars mover and shaker Julianne Hough has egg on her face, after covering her face in dark make-up for a Halloween costume.

Hough got some crazy looks for her costume as “crazy eyes” from the Netflix hit series “Orange is the New Black”.

Hough later apologized on Twitter saying she’s a huge fan of the show and never meant to be disrespectful or demeaning.

It’s 2013, you’d think by now people would know dressing in blackface is offensive.

But obviously one guy didn’t get the message seeing how his costume went even further on the offensive meter.

The Smoking Gun identifies him as 25-year-old William Filene who thought it would be fun to paint his face black and wear a bloody hoodie to portray Trayvon Martin, you know, the teen that was shot and killed by George Zimmerman last February?

Halloween should be fun, not offensive, but apparently it’s a time when people show their true colors.