Mamming: The latest social media craze

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mammingThere are many ways to get noticed and with the viral age. Remember planking? Now it looks like campaigning for breast cancer awareness is really getting creative.

As weird as it sounds, the October lay your boobs on random stuff and Instagram a pic campaign is getting lots of support.

What’s the purpose of the fad?

Relieving some of the awkwardness women feel laying their breasts on the flat surface during a mammogram. The people behind this hope it increases the number of woman who are tested on a regular basis.

Oh, then there are these guys from They motor-boated their way through a fund raising effort of their own.

The guys donated $20 to breast cancer research for each woman who let them shove their faces into their boobs and say ‘brrrrr!!!!’

The self-proclaimed lady killers raised $7000 for the charity, who thanked them by rejecting the donation, forcing them to pull down their video and stop using the charities name.

Kind of offensive, but a donation’s a donation.

The lesson here folks; breast cancer caught early through regular mammogram testing is beaten by over 90% of women.

And if all it takes is to get a little silly to raise awareness. We got your back.

Remember ladies; mam where it counts, the doctor’s office.