Director secretly makes movie inside Disney parks

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ORLANDO, FL – There’s a new Disney film. Only, it’s not a fairy tale, nor is there a happily ever after.

It wasn’t even made by Disney. Rather, it was shot inside their theme parks.

Far from the happiest place on Earth, “Escape from Tomorrow” is about a family vacation that takes a dark and twisted turn.

Director Randy Moore said, “The movie is about our obsession with artificial worlds of manufactured happiness. That you know people save their whole year’s salary to come and basically pay other people to smile and make them happy.”

Moore did not have permission to shoot the film.

“There was high anxiety the entire time while we were making this film. I lost a ton of weight.”

So how did Moore get away with it? It was all because of his camera which looks like the kind a tourist would use to take pictures.

“It was when I learned about the Canon 5D Mark II camera that I realized this is possible. I can make this film and it looks like a real film.”

The film is now complete, and Moore has yet to hear anything from Disney.

He’s even got a clock on his website labeled “Number of hours since release that we haven’t been sued.”

Surely, Disney will catch wind of the film. It is a small world, after all.