New underwear will filter out your fart’s smell, but won’t silence them

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LOUGHBOROUGH, ENGLAND – Till a fart do us part! Yes! How many times did you feel your date or your job interview was over the very moment a passage of gas reared its smelly head to say hello?

Well, now you can say good bye to that problem. Shreddies, a new magic underwear, promises to filter out your inner roar.

With a built-in carbon panel that absorbs all flatulence odors, this new British underwear is making our dreams of smelling like roses come true. But that’s bad news for all those guys out there who will have to find another way to communicate, or just to show some camaraderie.

The underwear comes in boxer briefs and support boxers for men, and briefs and high waisted briefs for women. What a gas!

Unfortunately folks, those bodies are not included with your purchase.

So there you go! They can filter out your smell, but they will never filter your thoughts.