ObamaCare girl has vanished from the site

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WASHINGTON, DC – Oh, we see her face everywhere we go, on the street and even in the picture show. Have you seen her? Tell us have you seen her?

She’s been the face of ObamaCare’s disastrous HealthCare.gov website, but now Obamacare Girl is gone. Missing. Vanished.

The people trying to salvage the website removed her smiling, encouraging, and hopeful image over the weekend as they started a major makeover.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services runs the site for the Department of Health and Human Services, and the folks at CMS now say they replaced ObamaCare Girl so they could highlight the enrollment options.

We are not the only ones concerned for her, it seems.

The Republican National Congressional Committee tweeted her face on a milk carton. But she still hasn’t turned up.

The site had more problems over the weekend when the datahub run by Verizon Terremark had a network component failure that knocked out the system across the country.

And that happened just a day after Health and Humans Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius tweeted everything was working well with the datahub.

Michigan congressman Mike Rogers chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and he says the ObamaCare website is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Expect pointed questions and demands for answers when Medicare-Medicaid administrator Marilyn Tavenner testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday,

And then it will be Katy-bar-the-door when Secretary Sebelius shows up Wednesday to explain what went wrong and why she hasn’t resigned.

Of course, a lot of people probably hope Sebelius’s face, like ObamaCare Girl, goes missing from her site.