Rice University ranked 12th best university in the nation

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HOUSTON, TX – Here’s some news that will make you raise your glass: Rice University has been ranked as the 12th best university in the nation.

Not too shabby!

The ranking, produced by The Daily Beast news website, has taken into consideration factors such as future earnings, investment return, academics and diversity.

There are plenty of rankings out there, but regardless of who’s making them, Rice University is consistently among the top 20. So we’re pretty sure they did not cheat on the test.

Yale University got the gold in this ranking, which included 2,000 institutions of higher education across the U.S. The other prestigious schools in Texas were all among the top 200, so there’s no reason to cry, alright?

We have the best universities in the world, folks. So tell me the truth, now that you know number 12 is here in town: don’t you feel a little bit like a PhD? Way to go Rice!