Ted Cruz: Possible presidential contender?

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AKRON, IA – He got his 15 minutes; and now he’s in Iowa.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was in the Hawkeye State over the weekend, raising question about his intentions for 2016.  Cruz garnered national attention after his 21 hour filibuster attempt (which included a reading of Green Eggs and Ham and a Star Wars impersonation, among other antics). He was ultimately unsuccessful at defunding Obamacare, but he did succeed at getting himself known.

After a weekend of pheasant hunting and speaking in Iowa, a key election state, some place him on the list of possible presidential contenders.

So far Cruz has dodged questions on the subject, but if he decides to run, it could pose an interesting question for birthers. Cruz was born in Canada. He says he is qualified for the Oval Office because his mom is American, therefore so he has been a citizen since birth. But it is a little hairy, and the subject is sensitive!

Just ask President Obama.