Costa Concordia captain’s secret girlfriend testifies

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GROSSETO, ITALY – The Costa Concordia sunk off the coast of Giglio, Italy in a matter of hours. The life of that ship’s captain has steadily been sinking ever since.

Witness testimony in Captain Francesco Schettino’s trial for manslaughter, causing a maritime disaster and abandoning ship is getting rough. Domnica Cemortan, a Moldovan dancer, finally admitted on the stand, that she was romantically involved with Schettino, and that she was on the bridge with him the night the accident happened.

As an employee of the cruise line (but only attending that journey as a guest), their relationship has been repeatedly denied.  However on the stand, a judge reportedly threatened Cemortan with charges if she didn’t answer questions about their involvement.

Cemortan also testified that she helped passengers onto safety boats that January 2012 day, saying she stood on a part of the deck that was ‘slippery’ (remember Schettino claims he ‘fell’ into one of those vessels himself).

While Schettino still denies any wrongdoing in the incident that killed 32 people, more is coming out about his apparent willingness to bring the ship way too close to shore. There’s been speculation he was perhaps showing off at the time.

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