HISD teacher retention above national average

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HOUSTON, TX – We’ve all heard that the Houston Independent School District has been dealing with the drop-out rate; but here’s a switch – good teachers are staying!

New numbers from the district say 88% of teachers rated “highly effective” are choosing to stay.

HISD Superintendent, Terry Grier explained, “About 10% of your teaching staff that actually can get two or more years of growth, super teachers, and our goal is to retain as many of them as we can every year.”

That’s more than the overall retention rate of 83-84%

Kymberly Riggins who teaches at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice said, “I keep coming back because I want to be better at what I’m doing, but I also have a great community, a great school, a great principal who helps support me in my growth as well as encourages me when I’m doing a good job.

Riggins is one so called “super teacher” and we’re told, she also teaches other teachers.

“This helps everyone from our lower performers to our most gifted children. Having a teacher that can really help you grow and move academically,” says Grier.

According to the district, teacher retention is no accident.

“You want to work where you’re appreciated and you want to work where you’re treated with dignity and respect,” said Grier.

That includes staff training, and the aspire award program that gave $18 million last year to help reward HISD’s best teachers.

Hopefully, in the end, the students are the ones that win!

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