Odor from Sriracha factory is too hot to handle

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SRIRACHAIRWINDALE, CA – Many people say hot sauce burns going in and burns going out. But can it burn you while getting bottled?

The makers of Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce are the ones feeling the heat this time, after a lawsuit alleges the company is stinking up the air around it’s So-Cal factory. The LA Times reports residents of Irwindale (just east of LA) living around Huy Fong Foods are fuming mad; claiming the spicy chille smell streaming from the factory site is making them sick.

The complaints range from burning eyes, to irritated throats and even headaches all due, residents say, by the strong stench they claim clouds around the bottling plant. But while living next to this hot sauce maker might be bringing these people to tears, many others say Sriracha gives them tears of joy by saying the hot sauce goes on everything.

This lawsuit doesn’t necessarily mean an end to this popular condiment, with residents saying they would drop the suit, if the smell is stopped. But so far no plans are in the works for Sriracha to cool these hot heads.

Or maybe those residents are just over reacting with their big stink. Cause really, if they don’t like irritated throats and burning eyes; then maybe they shouldn’t be living in the LA area in the first place.

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