Oregon radio station removes ‘love you long time’ billboard

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PORTLAND, OR – If you’ve seen the movie Full Metal Jacket, you know the quote “me love you long time.” You may have even heard it sampled in the 2 Live Crew song?

Portland radio station FM News 101 KXL thought it would be a good idea to slap it on a billboard.

Now the station is being slapped with criticism. It’s not necessarily for what the billboard says, rather, where it’s located.

It’s right in the middle of Chinatown.

It seems to be particularly offensive to the Vietnamese, considering the quote in the movie was from a Vietnamese prostitute.

Louis Lee is an accountant in Portland’s Chinatown. He said, “In Oldtown/Chinatown we don’t necessarily have strong prostitution issue. We have other issues, mind you. Besides, this is not really the spot.”

Well, the people of Portland cried racism, and KXL heard them loud and clear. The station says it will take the billboard down.

If it was attention they were going for, attention is what they got.

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