Science proves women stare at breast just as much as men

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LINCOLN, NE – Now here’s something we all can see eye to eye on. Even though there are blatant differences between the sexes, new research reveals that both men and women stare at breasts.

In a new study conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, aptly named “My Eyes Are Up Here”, both male and female participants were fitted with eye-tracking gear and presented with photos of women. The results showed a unanimous fixation on boobies!

The report says study participants were told to concentrate on a woman’s appearance, and mostly all fixed on the face first, but their focus (again, both guys and girls) quickly dropped to the body.

Eye-tracking technology followed the wandering eyes down to the breasts and waists of the ladies in the pictures. The shapelier the woman’s body was, the longer the stare. The participants also concluded the bigger the chest, the better the personality!

The research also has one explanation for the male fixation on boobs, evolution. Since the caveman days, guys saw the more bodacious cave woman as better baby makers. See, it was for the betterment of mankind.

On the other hand, the possible reason why woman check boobs out sounds a bit catty. They’re basically scoping out their competition.

So there you have it; the theory looking into why we look. Who ever thought science could be so much fun?

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