Tweeting bra lets you know each time it’s unhooked

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ATHENS, GREECE – The tweet is on! Everyone seems to share their every move. But now, a tweeting bra?

Yes – it tweets every time the bra it’s taken off. Truly titillating!

Relax, it’s not as bad as it sounds, and all in the name of breast cancer awareness.

This single edition intimate undergarment is worn by Maria Bakodimou, a popular Greek TV, talk show host. Every time she takes her bra off, the mechanism in the clasp sends a message to a cell phone, which notifies a server that generates a message promoting self-breast exams.

Unfortunately the tweets are in Greek, but one in English reads: “Some don’t understand me cause I speak Greek. Instead of learning Greek, learn something easier: how to have a self-exam!”

To this bodacious campaign, we say OPA!

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