Class Act Colin Abernathy ‘leads by example’

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TEXAS CITY, TX – “I enjoy choir and football at the same time. Not many people do it but I think it’s extraordinary.”

It’s being extraordinary that lands Texas City High School’s Colin Abernathy as our Class Act of the Week.

Texas City head football coach Leland Surovik says, “He leads by example. Not really a vocal leader, but leads by example. He’s dependable, he’s accountable and he’s a pleasure to coach.”

Abernathy puts in plenty of time with his teammates lifting weights and running down kicks on special teams, but he spends even more time doing other extracurricular activites and excelling in the classroom.

Abernathy is a member of show choir, the soccer team, National Honor Society, and treasurer for both Spanish National Honor Society and the math club.

But what he’s most focused on is getting into college; specifically, the Univeristy of Texas  or Texas A&M.

Texas City engineering teacher James Jobe says, “Petroleum engineering in Texas is very difficult to get in whether you are going to UT or whether you’re going to A&M. You have to have good grades, and you have to have good grades since starting from you’re freshman year and keep it all the way through high school. They look at kids who’ve done extracurricular activites. They look at kids who can be involved in a lot of things and still succeed Colin has definitely been one of those kids.”

Abernathy has a love hate relationship with mail at this time as he keeps waiting to see the acceptance letters.

Abernathy says, “As I see the mail, I think to myself, you know it’s going to come one day and you’ve worked hard up to this point in your life and it’s going to come. Just be patient.”

Good things come to those wait.

Coach Surovik says, “His future is determined by what exactly he wants to do. You know he’s a smart kid. He has good head on his shoulders and his mind is going to take him far if he’ll just stay focused and set forth and goal and a plan. I have all the trust in the world that he’s going to go far.”

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