Dallas Safari Club auctions off permit to kill an endangered species

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DALLAS, TX – James Bond is not the only one with a license to kill. The Dallas Safari Club is giving everyone a chance to have a license to kill.

The target: an endangered African black rhino.

The government of Namibia wants to get rid of older, non-productive male black rhinos, but the rhino is an endangered species.

Here’s a mother and her baby rhino at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

You need a permit to kill a black rhino, so the Namibian government is allowing the Dallas Safari Club to auction a permit to the highest bidder.

And yes, you are not alone if you wonder why killing an endangered animal is a good thing for the animal.

In the news release from the Dallas Safari Club, executive director Ben Carter explained that killing a black rhino (to save black rhinos)is based on a fundamental premise of modern wildlife management that says population, not individuals, is what matters.

Yeah, tell that to the rhino.

The club thinks it can get up to a million bucks for the permit, with all of the money going to the Namibian government for wildlife conservation programs.

Memo to all us guys: keep moving, bro! You never know when thinning the herd of old, useless males will include us.

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