Prop 6 brings all political parties together

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HOUSTON, TX – Believe it or not, republicans, democrats, corporate lobbyists and environmental advocates have finally agreed on something: they all support Proposition 6.

On Tuesday, November 5th – provided you don’t cast your vote in advance – Texans will decide whether or not to establish two new funds to develop our water infrastructure: the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), and the State Water Implementation Revenue for Texas (SWIRFT).

It took a drought to bring politicians together. A call for a constitutional amendment to use $2 billion from the state’s rainy day fund was passed by an overwhelming majority during the last legislative session. Now it’s up to us to vote yes or no.

Those who are in favor of the initiative say it will help fund projects all across the state to make sure both farmers, industries and families get the water they need. Those who are against it are either worried that the state’s finances might get hurt or have concerns over the issue of water conservation.

The future of Texas depends on water, and on your vote.

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