Hallmark removes ‘gay’ from sweater ornament

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KANSAS CITY, MO – Yea, Halloween is barely over and we’re already getting into some Christmas controversy.

At the center of it all: Hallmark. A new ornament is leaving a lot of people “hanging.”

We all know the lyric: “don we now our gay apparel” from Deck the Halls. Well, it seems Hallmark is not okay with gay. The company’s ugly sweater ornament swapped out the word “gay” for “fun.”

A small swap with a huge backlash. People have taken to Facebook, some even vowing to never buy from Hallmark again.

Hallmark’s defense? They said the word “gay” (with all it’s different meanings) left the sweater open to interpretation.

Hallmark later admitted that, in hindsight, they shouldn’t have changed the lyric, but in the same breath, added that they have no plans to stop selling the ornament.

So only time will tell if Hallmark will be seeing green or if even more customers will be seeing red.