Houston candidates gear up for Election Day

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HOUSTON, TX – Tomorrow is Election Day in Texas, and that means voters will have another chance to strike a blow for democracy and the American way.

Houston voters will decide on the mayor, controller and all 16 members of the city council.

Mayor Annise Parker did not go out to press the flesh in the final hours of a campaign that seemed not to leave any stone unthrown. But, we did find Sunday calling voters at her campaign headquarters, “The campaign has been buzzing with phone bankers, block walkers. We have placed more than 200,000 calls during the course of the campaign, and we’ve door knocked 16,000 doors.”

We caught up today with mayoral challenger Ben Hall as he made a couple of stops on this last day before the election, “We want to get every vote possible and make sure we don’t leave anything on the field. And these voters here at El Tiempo restaurant, I’m sure they’re gonna go out and vote and I want them to make sure that at least they’ve had an opportunity to see their mayoral candidate Ben Hall before they cast that vote.”

Eric Dick is another candidate we found making good use of these final hours of the campaign, “We’ve had a positive response, I think the polls will show. And the beauty of my campaign is if we do make the runoff, it will go to show you that money doesn’t buy elections. People decide elections.”

The other Houston mayoral candidates are Don Cook, Victoria Lane, Michael Fitzsimmons and Keryl Douglas.

The ballot will have 9 propositions for constitutional amendments, including Proposition 6 to create a state water implementation fund and a state water implementation revenue fund to help finance state water projects.

And, Harris County voters will be asked to step up and approve the $217-million Astrodome bond initiative to keep the eighth wonder of the world from going the way of Astroworld.

The polls open at 7 tomorrow morning and close at 7 tomorrow night. Vote early, but don’t vote often.