Iranians celebrate 1979 takeover the US embassy in Tehran

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TEHRAN, IRAN –  Over in Iran, holidays are little different.

For instance, every November fourth, thousands of folks pour into the streets of Tehran to celebrate the 1979 takeover of the US embassy, which led to the kidnapping of embassy personnel for 444 days.

This is an official holiday day for the Iranians.

The Arab Spring is the umbrella name for several revolutions in the Middle East a couple of years ago, like the one that ended the rule of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

Mohamed Morsy replaced Mubarak amid much anticipation of greater freedoms for all Egyptians. But that didn’t last long once people realized Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood had other plans.

And that led to the coup-that-was-not-a-coup back in July that ended with Morsy’s arrest and a new leader.

Morsy’s trial on charges of inciting violence is now underway, sort of. The judge adjourned the opening session after Morsy and his brotherhood brothers interrupted the proceedings s by chanting that the trial is illegitimate.

Wonder if that’s the same as calling the judge the ‘B’ word?

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