Clearblue Pays Celebs for Pictures of Positive Pregnancy Tests

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Clearblue, the maker of the pregnancy tests, has given “birth” to a new marketing strategy. They’re paying B-List celebs to tweet a picture of their positive pregnancy test.

Last week, Kendra Wilkinson, known for being Hugh Hefner’s “Girl Next Door” tweeted out this picture, proudly displaying her pregnancy test.

“Round two. Here we go!! :) #ClearblueConfirmed #spon”.

Right after Clearblue retweeted the baby news with #ClearblueConfirmed.

At first, you’d think no big deal. But coincidentally, a week earlier, Melissa Rycroft, a former contestant on “The Bachelor”, announced her second pregnancy the exact same way. Then later in the day she sent out another tweet, promoting their “Advanced Digital Ovulation Test”. Once again Clearblue retweeted the news.

Props to Clearblue, it’s definitely a creative way to promote your product. They’ve even asked for regular mommies-to-be to tweet out their baby news. All with the #ClearblueConfirmed.

I can’t wait to see all of the celebs that tweet out negative results. Bring on Miley Cyrus!!! #ClearblueNOTCONFIRMED #illdrinktothat.

However, honestly what’s wrong with these celebs or should I say wannabe?! What happened to waiting three months? I get that they used the “Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator”, since both of them showed, coincidentally again, a 3+. Hopefully, they just did this to get paid or attention and have already gone to get a blood test. But for all of the other moms out there, what happens when someone tweets out that they miscarried or the test was a false positive?

I’m positive this is a bad idea. Clearblue says their tests are easy and under control. This marketing strategy is more like easy and out of control.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.