Stolen Nazi art worth $1.4 billion found in Munich apartment

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naziMUNICH, GERMANY – There’s a saying that goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In the case of hoarders, the trash is their treasure.

But the German magazine Focus reports that authorities in Munich got both when they went to a ram shackled apartment.

What they found amid the piles of rotten food stacked on homemade furniture was a treasure trove of stolen Nazi art estimated to be worth close to $1.4 billion.

Among the art, works by Picasso, Matisse, Franz Marc, Max Beckmann and Marc Chagall.

About 1,500 pieces in all.

Authorities believe the collection is part of a massive theft of art from wealthy Jewish families that Hilter and his Nazi pals called ‘degenerate’ and then put on exhibit.

The father of the man in the apartment was a well-known art dealer before the Second World War, and he claimed to his dying day that the art in the exhibit went up in flames along with his house during the 1945 bombing of Dresden.

Authorities now believe the father bequeathed the art to his son, who sold off pieces every now and then for money to live on.

Authorities and art experts will now try to figure out what to do with the art, most of which could be returned to the families of the original owners.