Texas court says online sex talk with minors protected by free speech

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AUSTIN, TX – A former choir director in the Clear Creek Independent School District is a happy dude today, thanks to a ruling by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The state’s highest criminal court agreed with John Christopher Lo that the law that led to his indictment for online solicitation of a minor violated his constitutional right to free speech.

The court pointed out Texas already has laws against showing porn to minors, and showing other harmful material to children that may contribute to delinquency.

The court also said the law it struck down would prevent an adult from sharing ’50 Shades of Grey’ and ‘Lolita’ with a minor.

Harris County assistant district attorney Alan Curry says these kinds of people are not looking to exchange literary ideas, but are looking to exchange bodily fluids, “But then they start asking them, you know, about the sexual desires that they have, the sexual proclivities that they’re open to, trying to see how open they would be to discussing those things.”

Curry says the DA’s office now has to decide if it wants to pursue the matter, and possibly take it to the Supreme Court.


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    It would be "Austin" of all places, the liberal-gay epicenter of Texas, where evidently dirty talk towards kids is "free speech".. Liberalism has no lines with which it will not cross.

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