United Nations taking control of the Alamo?

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – In the southern part of Texas, in the town of San Antonio, there’s a fortress standing proudly that all Texans call their own.

But now some folks, including conservative radio talk-show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, fear the United Nations may be ready to do what Santa Anna did and take over the Alamo.

It is true that San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is part of a group applying to get the UN to make the Alamo a world heritage site.

The Texas General Land Office and the National Parks Service are also on board with the idea.

But Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is shooting down the idea the UN would ever ‘take control’ of the Alamo, calling it ‘horse hockey.’

The United Nations has nearly a thousand world heritage sites around the globe, including the Statue of Liberty, and Independence Hall.

But something tells us that if the UN tried haul down the Texas flag and take control of the Alamo, they’d get the same reply as Santa Anna got when he tried to take the only cannon in Gonzales: Come and take it!

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  • kimkoe

    First of all San Antonio ends in an O it is not San Antone if you can't pronounce it don't report on it, and as far as the UN taking over ….to bad they can't ask Sana Anna how that works out

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