Husband tases wife’s butt; cop shoots taser at woman for not baring breasts

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MAYVILLE, WI – There’s plenty of action when the Bears and Packers go head-to-head. And not all of it is on the field, especially when you get a bunch of cheeseheads together.

Some of the action was here at the sidelines tap in Mayville, Wisc., after this guy, John Grant of Tinley Park, Ill., made a bet with his wife Nichole that if the Bears won, he got to tase her butt.

Well, the Bears won and she got zapped.

A few hours later, she called the cops to complain about that, and about him not letting her in the semi-truck they live in.

She said he even threw out the dog.

The responding officer soon figured out she consented to the tasing and that they both had been drinking a lot.

But the officer arrested the husband for illegal possession of a taser.

On the way to jail, Martin said he and the missus were fighting because she had been in the bar`s restroom smoking weed, something he says she does a lot, so much so that she can`t keep a job.

In Haskell, Ark., this next story is another story.

A Haskell police officer and the City of Haskell are in hot water after a woman claims an on-duty cop chased her around the office and fired his taser at her when she refused to show him her ta-tas.

She’s making a federal case out of this, literally, saying that even though she wasn`t tased, this was not the first time he demanded to see her chest.

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