There’s a new deodorant in town, and its name is bacon

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SEATTLE, WA – There’s no denying it: everything is better with bacon. Tacos, cupcakes. You name it. Bacon is the food of champions.

Did you know there’s such thing as bacon candy? Oh yeah. Bacon soda, bacon jelly beans, even bacon-flovored-toothpaste.

“For somebody to want to brush their teeth with bacon toothpaste is kind of shocking to me,” says Amanda Burns, who owns Rocket Fizz candy shop in Rice Village, “because I like bacon, but I don’t love bacon.”

But if that’s not enough for you the J&D Food company of Seattle, Washington has taken the love for bacon one step further: enter bacon-scented deodorant.

“I don’t think the b.o. smell and bacon mixed would smell good,” Houstonian Claudia Autry muses.

It’s no joke, the company has been makin’ bacon for years. For the man who sweats like a pig: meaty-fresh Bacon Power deodorant.

“I think they should have bacon-scented deodorant for women,” Roanna Cullather explains, “because men like bacon so they might be attracted to the woman if she was wearing the bacon.”

Move over Old Spice, there’s a new dog in town. And his name is bacon.

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