European satellite falls harmlessly into the south Atlantic

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satelliteSOUTHERN ATLANTIC – Did you think the end of the world as we know it was going to be this weekend, especially after you heard that a satellite was going to crash somewhere on earth, but scientists didn’t know where?

Well, we’re glad to say it didn’t happen.

The European Space Agency satellite GOCE has been burning out fuel up there alone since 2009, charting Earth’s gravitational fields and ocean patterns.

Space people liked to call the satellite the Ferrari of space because of its sleek design and unique ion propulsion engine.

Maybe they should have thrown in a few drum-beating bunnies for extra energy.

The one-ton satellite ran out of steam last month, and that`s when engineers let the rest of us in on their little secret:  they didn’t know what was going to happen to it.

Worst-case scenario was that pieces would land on someone’s head.

Best case would have it burning up and falling into the ocean.

And that’s what it did, with surviving pieces falling harmlessly into the southern Atlantic.