Oregon tells parents the obvious, stop smoking with kids in the car

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SALEM, OR – The war on smoking has rolled up another victory.

The Oregon State Senate passed a bill that says adults can’t smoke in cars with children inside.

Elizabeth Steiner Hayward sponsored the bill. She’s also a Portland family doctor.

She says second-hand smoke is dangerous, and especially dangerous to children, and then really dangerous when those kids are trapped in a car with an adult who’s sucking on a butt.

The bill has to get through the Oregon House and then get the governor’s signature before it becomes law.

But it’s a strange law, because Oregon cops won’t be able to pull you over for smoking with kids in the car. It’s called a secondary offense, so you’d have to be stopped for something like texting while driving.

Of course, this raises the question about what to do if your kid is like that big guy from Indonesia, and has a 40 stick-a-day habit.

At least he’s not old enough to text.