Veterans share their stories from war

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HOUSTON, TX – On Veterans Day, we honor the heroes who put their lives on the line so many times. They’re the living memory of the battles our military fought to protect our freedoms and make the world a safer place.

“I flew in 35 combat missions,” said 89-year-old John Carey, who served in the Air Force as a radio operator and a gunner. “We were flying to clear and free Europe from the Nazi Germany.”

From the invasion of Normandy to the battles in the South Pacific, these World War II veterans certainly have lots of stories to share with the younger generations. Now in their golden years, they’re living at Parkway Place retirement home in Houston, and are proudly celebrating their day.

“I wanted to do my job for my country,” added Carey, “and I think all the young people should look into the future and try to see what they can do to help our country.”

There are so many things in our lives we usually take for granted; maybe this could be a good time to look up to those among us who really know the meaning of sacrifice.