China shamed into increasing aid to Philippines

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GUANGXI, CHINA – Hey, china! Thanks for nothing, or almost nothing.

Yeah, we know the monster typhoon that hit the Philippines last week also hit china a few days later, but not to the same extent.

Since the disaster in the Philippines, the world’s biggest country has come up with only $100,000 to help in the relief efforts.

And that had lots of people shaking their heads and telling Beijing not to be so stingy.

The United States, the United Nations and the United Kingdom have provided nearly 75 percent of the aid promised by more than 30 countries and relief organizations.

That’s about $70 million.

Now, China says it will pony up another $1.6 million in supplies that include blankets and tents.

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington and eight other ships are on the scene to deliver supplies and to conduct search-and-rescue missions.

“One of our core principles is when friends are in trouble, America helps,” said during a Thursday news conference. “As I told President Aquino earlier this week, the United States will continue to offer whatever assistance we can.”

The Philippines government believes 580,000 people are homeless with more than 2 million people in need of food.

Even China`s small contribution will be welcomed in a land of sorrow and pain.