Deer Park student arrested after making threats on Twitter

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DEER PARK, TX – You can get a lot of messages across in 140 characters or less on Twitter, and a message one Deer Park student posted came across loud and clear.

Deer Park police say a ninth grade male student from the Deer Park High School – North Campus made several threats on Twitter.

“In that tweet, he made a general threat against the school and it included some violence in that threat,” said Matt Lucas, Director of Communications for Deer Park ISD.

He posted the tweets from an anonymous account. One read:

‘My name starts with an ‘A’. I have been bullied for five years and I`m taking matters into my own hands. Sorry if I hurt you or any of your friends.’

He continued with a second tweet.

‘But I’m bringing a gun to school and killing anyone who has ever ‘messed’ with me, then taking my own life.’

The good thing about Twitter is that word spreads fast.

“Almost immediately afterward we had students and parents who forwarded the tweet to school administrators and e-mailed it,” Lucas said.

School officials contacted the authorities, and after investigating, Deer Park police tracked down the student and arrested him.

Classes went on as usual, but school officials said they did have extra security on-hand.

But the threats didn’t stop there. Someone called in a bomb threat to Atascocita High School in Humble. The school was searched, but nothing was found. Turns out the whole thing was a prank.