Houston man gives away shotguns in high-crime neighborhoods

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HOUSTON, TX – A guy in Houston has an idea to keep thugs away from your home and your family; put a shotgun in every house. Kyle Coplen, is the executive director of Armed Citizen Project; it’s what the name implies.

“I had the idea of deterring home invasion crimes by increasing the amount of responsible gun owners in the area and letting criminals know that they are at increased risk,” explains Coplen.

Basically, he and other volunteers are visiting local neighborhoods to hand out free or discounted shotguns to folks who want to protect themselves. Not exactly what advocates of gun control had in mind; however these handouts come with rules.

“We’re doing background checks, we’re giving out pump action shotguns, we’re arming single mothers and residents in high-crime neighborhoods.”

They wouldn’t say how many shotguns have been given away. We caught-up with the group in a Northwest side neighborhood.¬† So, does it make people here feel safer, knowing someone can “pump you up”?

“I want to protect my children,” said Rose Briseno, a mother participating in the project. “Because, you know: night-time, day-time, whatever… criminals don’t take hours.”

And it looks like there’s a lot of protection on these streets. Although, let’s just hope it doesn’t attract more thugs, because the last thing you want is a bad guy, who wants to get his hands on some shiny new shotguns.