Man calls 911 because of his one night stand’s snoring

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WAUKESHA, WI – Here’s one way to get a one-night stand from out of your home. A drunken man dialed 911 to remove a woman from his bed because her snores were so loud, they were disturbing his sleep.

41-year-old Benjamin Duddles from Waukesha called the cops after Duddles decided to cuddle up with his neighbor after a drunken filled night. He then invited her to his bedroom, where their debauchery continued. Some of the details were fuzzy, he wasn’t even sure of her name; but what was crystal clear to this confused Casanova was that “what’s-her-name” wore out her welcome by keeping him awake. In the phone call, Duddles claims, “she’s just snoring away like a train.”

In the event that something serious was going on, cops were called to the scene only to find the snoring woman to be medically fine. Well, besides suffering from sleep apnea, of course! Duddles, who wasn’t arrested, was directed by officers to sleep on the couch and work out his issues in the morning.

We wish the happy couple luck; but it sounds like this love train just ran off its tracks!