Just in time for the Holidays, Rent-a-Boyfriend for $5/Hr

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It sounds like a scene straight out of the rom-com “The Wedding Date”…renting a boyfriend. Well this is no movie, it’s real life for Chinese women. Women there are hiring temporary rent-a-boyfriends on the Chinese website Taobao, kind of like their version of eBay.

According to Chinese newspaper, the People’s Daily, rent-a-boyfriend must be hired for a minimum of three days. They charge about $5 an hour. So a full day would amount to about $132.

In addition they offer a range of services. With a small fee, of course. Shopping is $4.92/hr, dinner is $8.21/hr. Oh and if you want a smooch on the lips, before you pucker up you have to pay $8.21. Now hand-holding, and a goodbye kiss on the cheek or forehead is FREE.

According to the site, the business is booming. Especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year when there are family reunions.

All I can say is I feel their pain. Being single is not easy. Thankfully, I don’t have a nagging family but imagine if you did. It’d just be easier to hire a date. And who knows, maybe they’ll fall in love. If not get through the night and continue searching for Mister Right.

And that’s today’s helping of the Online Dish with Maggie.