Paralympic athletes invited to show there skills

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HOUSTON, TX – Paralympic sports can put a different perspective on some of your favorite activities.

Athletes with Paralympic-eligible impairments were invited to show their skills in Houston at the Gateway for Gold talent identification event, and some could possibly be competing for team U.S.A. in the future.

Not all are looking for that level of competition just yet. Some just want to get back in the game.

Kallie Quinn, a representative with the U.S. Paralympics, said, “Hopefully what we’ll do is actually one of two things: one, we will get some athletes to be involved in the sport again. And they may not have what we’re looking for for an elite athlete, but we’re actually looking to connect them back to the community and give them a chance to reintegrate with sport again and have that excitement of sport back in their life.”

But they’re also looking for those athletes they can potentially develop for a national team. There were certainly some athletes interested.

But the one thing uniting the casual and hardcore? No limitations holding them back.