Southwest Airlines pilot tells passengers ‘we’re going down’

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WAKE COUNTY, NC – Passengers on a Southwest flight from Tampa to Raleigh, North Carolina had to deal with more than bad airplane food and annoying kids.

Passengers say the pilot came on the intercom and uttered words you would never want to hear.

“He said we’re going down, and everybody’s just looking around like, ‘Is this is a joke?’,” said Shelly Willis, a passenger on the plane.

They were indeed going down, just not crashing. Flight reports show that the plane lost cabin pressure, and the pilot had to make an abrupt, earlier-than-usual descent. The Boeing 737 leveled out and made an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

As for the pilot’s choice of words, it was an accident. Southwest says the pilot was communicating his plan with the flight attendants when he accidentally activated the PA system right as he was saying ‘We’re going down.’

Passengers were given vouchers to make up for their panicked moment.

Hopefully next time, the bad food and annoying kids is all they have to deal with.