Toronto council confronts crack smoking mayor

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TORONTO, CANADA – So, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted he smoked crack cocaine.

He also said he will not step down and let somebody, preferably not into drugs, take over.

The city council can’t force him out, but they can vote for a leave of absence.

Wednesday was Ford’s chance to prove to the council he’s an OK enough guy to keep around.

When asked if he had purchased illegal drugs in the past two years, he said yes. So, he didn’t just smoke the stuff, he sought it out and paid for it. This is sure to do wonders for his anti-drug platform.

Ford followed that up with another “confession.”

He said, “The reason I drank or did drugs was not because of stress, it was out of sheer stupidity.”

Because that’s what you want in a city leader– stupidity.

How is this for stupid: At some point, Ford approached another councillor in what appeared to be a threatening way. Councillor Minnan-Wong didn’t appreciate it.

He said to the Speaker of the hearing, “I would ask that he apologize.”

Ford responded with, “If I said something derogatory, if I did what he’s accusing me of, yes I would apologize, but I did not say that. The Madam Clerk was right there. All I asked him to do is take a seat while people are asking questions. That’s the rules, not walk around! That’s it! There’s nothing to apologize about!”

Way to prove your worth, Ford.