Residents not giving up fight against Ashby high-rise developers

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HOUSTON, TX – The Ashby high-rise dispute is nothing short of high profile. It’s been up for debate since 2007 and keeps on going.

The disputed piece of land is located at 1717 Bissonnet.

Developers intend to build a 21 story residential tower, and were given the go ahead last year. But nearby homeowners aren’t giving up the fight yet; residents of the neighborhood near Rice University will have their day in court tomorrow.

They filed suit against the developers; Buckhead Investment Partners, claiming the building would create traffic problems and that the building is over-sized for the location.

Michael Clark, a homeowner in the neighborhood explained, “It’s simply out of place, it’s going to place an enormous burden on the city itself, and just collectively, we think it’s inappropriate.”

Residents don’t want to see their neighborhood change so drastically.

Linda McSpadden McNeil is concerned about the dangers, “It would be an esthetic nightmare, but mainly it would just be a very practical interference with the health and safety of the residents in this beautiful part of the city.”

The developers contend they have a decent plan to combat traffic and other issues brought up by the homeowners.

How this saga ends will be determined in the courtroom; but in the meantime both sides are gearing up for battle.

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