Study: Women with asthma take longer to get pregnant

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HOUSTON, TX – Getting pregnant can sometimes take a while, but now, a new study from Denmark says woman with asthma may take even longer to get pregnant.

Data from 15,000 Danish women including 950 who have asthma leads to this: 27% of the women with asthma said it took longer to get pregnant, compared with 21% of women without asthma.

It’s one thing if asthma gets in the way of the attempt to get pregnant. Then there’s the fear of what happens if you get pregnant.

Dr. Dat Q. Tran, with UTHealth Medical School explained, “When you’re carrying a baby who’s now take up your abdominal space, pushing up your lungs, decreasing your lungs ability to breath, that in combination with asthma, increases complications for your baby.”

So some women choose to get their breathing under control before attempting to have a baby.

But the good news, the wait may be unnecessary.

Dr. Tran said, “If we control your asthma, put you on the right medication, you should not have to worry about waiting at a later age because then we have other complications.”

Statistics are important, but researchers still conclude asthma has no long term effect on fertility.

Well, at least there’s that!

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