23 dead in suicide bombing near Iranian Embassy in Beirut

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BEIRUT, LEBANON –  Another deadly terrorist attack in the Middle East, in Beirut.

This time it was Arab versus Arab, Muslim versus Muslim, Sunni versus Shiite.

But the result was the same: death and destruction.

The al-Qaeda faction known as the Abdullah Azzam Brigades posted a series of tweets to claim responsibility for the two suicide blasts that killed at least 23 people outside the Iranian embassy.

The group is demanding the release of Sunni prisoners from Lebanese jails, and the withdrawal from Syria of Lebanon’s Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

For those keeping score at home, Iran is Shiite and a major ally of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad in his civil war that will soon enter its third year.

Sunni factions are leading most of the rebellion.

Lebanon condemned the attack, and Iran’s official media reports the country’s cultural attaché to Lebanon was among the dead.

The embassy bombing comes as Sunni rebels prepare to defend themselves against a possible Shiite counter-offensive throughout Syria, particularly Sunni strongholds near the border with Lebanon, which is home to nearly a million Syrian refugees

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