Florida woman arrested for kicking geese in the face

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CRESTVIEW, FL – We’ve all heard of the harmless children’s game Duck-Duck-Goose. Well, a woman has been arrested for the harmful act of kick-kick-goose.

Yeah, 20-year-old Alyssa Pack from Baker, Florida, was booked on charges of animal cruelty after her boyfriend, Cameron Braswell uploaded her fowl crime on Facebook and the video went viral.

Showing that she’s more bird-brained than the actual birds, Pack is seen egging on a gaggle of geese and then enthusiastically kicking several of them in the head when they got too close. An unidentified youngster is also heard laughing in the background.

But the footage of this mother-goose fighting a flock, ruffled plenty of feathers on Facebook, from folks flustered by the furious feat! What did they do? They tipped off the fuzz of course!

A Creastview Police Department Report indicates Pack confessed to doing the kicking. Her fancy footwork will not get her a gig with the Rockeetes; but it might make pack a jail-bird nonetheless.

You could say, her goose is now cooked!