Midwest storm survivors start clean-up process

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WASHINGTON, IL – Know why there’s a calm before a storm? Because there’s no time for rest when it’s over!

Just days after a massive storm system blew threw the Midwest, leaving at least eight people dead as 76 reported tornadoes left a path of destruction, the cleanup operation has begun. Crews are working to restore power to an estimated half-a-million houses in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

Others returned to find nothing left of what used to be their home-sweet-home.

In fact, seven football players from Washington High School have nothing left to go back to as the storm destroyed their homes. Brogan Brownfield says he was “in shock” when he came out of his basement and saw the neighborhood had been flattened.

Brownfield and his teammates aren’t letting the town “call the game” on account of bad weather, however.

The undefeated team’s playing Saturday for a chance to go to state, hoping to be the silver lining for their community.

For a town that’s experienced so much loss, clearly they deserve a win!