Nikki Araguz continues fight for husband’s death benefits

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WHARTON, TX – Since Nikki Araguz’s firefighter husband’s death in 2010, she’s been fighting for her legal benefits.

Nikki and Thomas Araguz were legally married, although Nikki was born male and had gender reassignment surgery while married to Thomas. But after Thomas’ death, State District Judge Randy Clapp ruled the marriage was invalid.

Now happily, and legally, remarried, Nikki just wants to see done what’s right.

She’s back in court appealing the ruling in front of the same judge.

“What needs to happen in the case is it needs to be in abatement, and that’s to set aside this hearing until we get the ruling from the court of appeals, which I’m expecting to be a very positive ruling in my favor,” said Nikki.

The ruling could come any day now, in the same courtroom, but maybe this time there will be a different outcome.