UT student group calls off ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game’

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AUSTIN, TX – Face it, some things just do not pass the smell test.

And that’s a lesson the Young Conservatives of Texas on the University of Texas at Austin campus learned this week.

The plan, as posted on Facebook, was to invite students to take part in a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game” on November 20.

Several people would be walking around campus wearing a label that read “illegal immigrant.” Students could get a $25 gift certificate for capturing one of these “illegals” and turning them in.

The idea was to start a campus-wide discussion about immigration reform, but protests from students and university administrators forced the group to cancel the event.

Diana Morales was among the students protesting. She’s also in the country illegally, but enrolled legally because she was brought to the US as a child.

“I’m a student. And for them to say they can just chase anyone who’s undocumented, that’s very insulting to me and to every single undocumented person who is on campus.”

In a written statement, the event’s organizer admitted the idea was “misguided”, but Lorenzo Garcia also said chapter members were concerned about university retaliation and the possibility that someone would physically harm them.

Sometimes free speech comes with a price.