Virginia senator stabbed multiple times by son

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BATH COUNTY, VA – A bizarre scene in Virginia happened Tuesday morning. A senator was found stabbed, and his son was found dead. But it all turned into much more.

Democratic State Senator Creigh Deeds was taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning in critical condition after he was found with multiple stab wounds to his head and torso. When police searched the home, they also found the senator’s 24-year-old son, Austin “Gus” Deed dead from a gunshot wound. Authorities think the whole thing started as a fight between the two.

“At this time we’re still piecing together the exact circumstances that led up to the altercation and then what followed afterward,” said Corinne Geller, Virginia State Police Public Relations Director. “Based on the evidence we have right now, we are looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide,” Geller explained.

Authorities are also looking in Gus’s past. Reports say last month he had withdrawn from college. On Monday, just a day before the stabbing/shooting, Gus had been given a mental health evaluation under an emergency custody order, but was released because no psychiatric bed was available.

As for the senator, his condition has been upgraded to fair.